Issue: I'm Receiving Fake Pinterest Emails

Spotting a fake or phishing email

Some people have reported receiving unrequested emails that look like they are from us. If you receive an email like this, it may be a fake or “phishing” email. Phishing emails are emails sent from spammers that are made to look real. They are called “phishing” emails because the sender is often trying to get private information about your account.

Keep in mind, we will never send you an email asking you to give us login information, or other personal information, about your account.


What to do if you receive a phishing email

If you suspect that an email claiming to be from us might be fake, don’t open it or click on any of the links in it. Phishing emails can install malicious software on your computer if you click on links in the email or download any attachments. In this situation we recommend running virus protection software on your computer to be safe.

If you supply your login information through a phishing email it would also be a good idea reset your password.

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