I'm blocked from adding Pins, commenting, liking or following

What's a block?

Why am I blocked?

Someone blocked me


What's a block?

We have limits in place to stop spammers, but sometimes they hit regular people too. 

If you’re seeing an error that you've hit a limit, then you might be blocked by our automated spam detection system. Your account should be back to normal in about 24 hours. 

We're working to fix these limits so we stop spammers without affecting real Pinners. We're sorry for the trouble! 


Why am I blocked?

Blocks usually happen when you do one action too quickly or frequently. You might hit a block if you:

  1. Log in a lot
  2. Comment on Pins very quickly (especially if you include a link)
  3. Post the same comment many times (especially if you include a link)
  4. Follow lots of people quickly
  5. Add and/or like Pins very quickly (especially if you add lots of Pins from the same website)
  6. Use a link-shortener or a redirect (ex: bit.ly) 

To prevent future blocks:

  1. Wait 24 hours before trying again
  2. Don't use link-shorteners or redirects: Pin from the original source, and if you need to include a link in a comment or description, use the full one

If you keep getting blocked, you can let us know:

  1. Click Email Help
  2. Select My Account -> Rate Limits under "What do you need help with?"
  3. Include the error message you're seeing


Someone blocked me

You'll also see an error message like the one below if you try to Pin or like Pins from someone who's blocked you. 




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