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Our impersonation policy

Trademark complaints

Tell us about an impersonation


Our impersonation policy

We don't allow accounts that mislead or deceive others, and we may update, transfer or permanently suspend accounts that do so.

But accounts that share a username or display name with another individual aren't necessarily impersonating. For example, a profile that includes a statement that they aren't affiliated with another individual might not be considered misleading. 

When we look into reports of impersonation, we'll consider the profile information, Pin descriptions, comments and board titles as well. 


Trademark complaints

If you represent a company, brand, or organization and you want to claim a username or report content for trademark reasons, visit our Trademark page


Tell us about an impersonation

To report impersonation on Pinterest:

  1. Click Email Help
  2. Select Spam & Abuse -> Report Impersonation


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