Issue: I can't find my Pins, boards, or friends using search

Some users report that they can't find their Pins, boards or friends using search.  

It's common for users to not be able to find content on Pinterest through the search box. To make searching easier and more accurate, now when you want to search for something we’ll suggest search keywords as you type. If you're looking for a specific person you are following, or a Facebook friend, that person's name and profile picture will appear in the drop-down list of suggestions as you type. Then you can click on their name to go directly to their profile!




And don't forget, you can also sort your search results by pins, boards, or pinners by clicking on those buttons in the top right-hand corner of your search results.



In addition to these features, we're working to make our search more comprehensive and reduce the delay in indexing content. 

Thank you for your patience as we make Pinterest better!

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