I'm not getting emails or the email is broken

I'm not getting emails

I got the email but the link is broken


I'm not getting emails

This might be because you turned off email notifications or your email client isn't accepting our message. Try this:

  1. See if you turned off email notifications in Settings
  2. Look for our emails in your spam/junk folder

  3. Search your email for messages from pinbot@pinterest.com and ohno@pinterest.com

  4. Add pinbot@pinterest.com and ohno@pinterest.com to your email contact list so that your email client knows to accept messages from us

  5. If you have an @gmail.com account, check the social tab

Note: We'll stop sending you email if:

  1. You mark an email from us as spam

  2. Your email client is bouncing emails that we send you (for example, if your inbox is full)

If you think that we are no longer sending you emails, you'll need to get in touch with us in order to receive emails again.  


I got the email but the link is broken

Certain email clients break or strip the buttons in our password reset and confirmation emails. Try this:

  1. Use the Click here link on the left of the email
  2. Copy and paste the grey link at the bottom of the email into your browser



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