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Place Pins and place boards
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About our maps

You can Edit any board to add an interactive map or allow other people to add Pins to your board. Right now, this feature is only limited to the iPhone. Your device will need to support the iOS Pinterest app 3.3 and higher.

Place Pins and place boards

Place Pins iPhone

Place Pins have a specific location connected to them. Now, you can add a place name to your Pin and get the address and other details. Place boards highlight all your Pins on a map. 

Note: The locations for Place Pins are provided by Foursquare, but there isn’t a “check-in” feature on Pinterest.

Creating a place board

  1. Tap Edit on an existing board you’d like to modify or you can create a new place board
  2. Toggle the Show Map option to ON
  3. Tap Save Changes
  4. Note: You’ll be able to switch any board back to normal by switching this setting back to OFF

Adding Place Pins

  1. Press and hold any of your Pins and select the Edit pencil icon
  2. Then tap Add a Place
  3. In the pop-up, type in the name of the shop/restaurant/destination and a city to help narrow your search to the correct region
  4. Tap Save when you're finished making changes

Note: we’ve partnered with some businesses to automatically include location info on their Pins.  For example, Pins from AirbnbAtlas, JetsetterOpenTableRoadtrippersStreetEasyTruliaUrbanSpoon, and VirtualTourist will have locations attached to their Pinterest content.

Change a place on a Pin

  1. Press and hold any of your Pins and select the Edit pencil icon
  2. Tap the place name
  3. Select Change Place
  4. Find a new place to add
  5. Tap the Back Arrow button
  6. Save changes when finished

Note: Not all Pins can have their places edited. Some domains have fixed location info on their images and can’t be changed by Pinners.

See on map or get directions

If you've already added a location to a Pin, you can see it on the map

  1. Tap in the Pin
  2. Tap See on map to see your Pin on the map
  3. Or, click the right arrow to get directions to this location

About our maps

Our maps are designed by Stamen Design, served by MapBox, created using data from © OpenStreetMap contributors and licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License.

For more information on other kinds of Rich Pins, visit our help article on Rich Pins.

If have questions or trouble with Place Pins, you can categorize this as Businesses & Website > Rich Pins when you email help.


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