iPhone: Pinning and uploading photos

Upload from an iPhone
Pin in the iPhone app
Upload a photo from an iPhone 

Upload from an iPhone

  1. Tap the plus sign from the bottom tab bar
  2. Tap Website to search or type a website, Camera to take a picture or upload from your camera roll, or Place to add a Pin with a location.
  3. To upload from your camera roll, tap the square icon at the top-right corner of your camera screen. 
  4. If you tap Website, search or type a website in the address bar and tap Go
  5. Tap Pin it to find images to add to a board, or just press and hold down on the image you want to add
  6. Write a Pin description and pick a board to finish your upload


Check out this help page to learn how to install the Pin It button on an iPhone or iPad.

Pin in the iPhone app

  1. First, press and hold any Pin. When the menu fans out, slide your finger toward the Pin, like or send icon. 
  2. Or, tap a Pin to see it close up and then tap Pin it.
  3. Tap the pencil icon to edit the Pin's description or share it to Facebook.
  4. Select a board to finish adding a Pin.



Upload a photo from an iPhone

  1. Tap the plus sign from the bottom tab bar
  2. Tap Camera
  3. Tap the Camera icon to take new picture or the library icon in the bottom-right corner to select an image from your camera roll
  4. Once you choose an image to upload, describe the Pin and tap a board to Pin it

Note: If you get a message that the app doesn't have access to your contacts, you'll need to enable access in your iPhone's privacy settings.


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