The board creator made our secret group board visible to everyone. How do I remove myself and my Pins?

Leave a group board

When a secret group board is made public


Leave a group board

  1. Go to the board and click Edit
  2. Find your name under Who can Pin? and click Leave
  3. Confirm that you want to leave the board

Note: When you leave a group board that you didn't create:

  1. The board won't show up on your profile, but will still show up on the profiles of the other Pinners.
  2. You'll automatically unfollow the board. If you'd still like to see Pins from that board, go back and follow the board.
  3. The previous Pins you made on that group board will remain and will still be attributed to your profile. If you want to delete all your Pins from a group board,  you'll have to edit and delete them one by one. 




When a secret group board is made public:


  1. It's treated like a brand new board and people who have selected Follow All on your account will be added as followers to your newly visible board
  2. People can see all of the board's Pins and can like, Pin or comment on them 
  3. People can see all the group Pinners and their comments on the board
  4. People can see the board on all the group Pinners' profiles and follow it like they can any other board
  5. Pins on the board aren’t added to the top of your followers’ feeds
  6. Pins on the board will show in search results
  7. New Pins on the group board will be shown to the board’s followers and will appear in other areas of Pinterest such as search results, category feeds, etc.


  1. The board creator can turn off the secret setting at any time without anyone's permission. If the board creator changes the secret setting of the board to visible, all the group Pinners will receive an email notification.
  2. You can't make a board secret once it's public. 


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