Who can see my secret boards?

If you don't invite anyone to your secret boards

If you invite Pinners to your secret boards


If you don't invite anyone to your secret boards:

  1. Only you can see your secret boards and their Pins.
  2. Only you can see comments you make on your secret Pins.
  3. You won't see secret Pins on your home feed or in the Pins section of your profile. You have to go to your secret board to see its Pins. 
  4. Followers can't see your secret Pins in their feeds.
  5. Other people and followers can't see your secret boards on your profile page.
  6. Other people and followers will only see the number of public boards, Pins and likes on your profile page.
  7. Secret boards and secret Pins don't appear in public areas of Pinterest, such as search results, category feeds, etc.  

Your secret boards will appear at the bottom of your own profile page, in a separate section just for secret boards.




If you invite Pinners to your secret boards:

  1. Invitees can view your secret board before they accept your invitation – this gives them a chance to preview whether or not they want to join your secret board.
  2. Invitees who decline your invitation can't view your secret board any longer. If they try to go to the same URL, they'll see an error message. If they declined by mistake, you can remove their invitation and then invite them again.
  3. Pinners who accept your invitation can see the secret group board.
  4. Group Pinners can't see each other’s secret Pins in their home feeds.
  5. Group Pinners can request approval for people they'd like to invite to the secret board. Only the board’s creator can approve and remove these invites.
  6. All invited Pinners have to go to the secret board in order to view the Pins it contains.


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