Invite people to a group board

What's a group board?

Invite people to your board


What's a group board?

A group board is a board that you—and others you invite—can all add Pins to. 


Invite people to your board

If you and another Pinner are following each other, you can invite them to a group board. To invite someone:

  1. Go to the board and click Edit
  2. Enter the first and last name (or email address) of the invitee under Who can Pin? 
  3. Click his/her name once it loads
  4. Repeat for any other people you'd like to add
  5. Click Save Changes



As the creator of a group board, only you will be able to:

  1. Change the board's title
  2. Change the board's description
  3. Remove Pinners from the board (the people you invite can remove themselves)
  4. Delete any Pin on the board

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