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What are Place Pins and place boards?
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Note: Right now Place Pins and place boards are only available on the web, certain Android devices (running Pinterest app version 2.0 and higher), and the iPhone (running the Pinterest app version 3.2 and higher). 


What are Place Pins and place boards?

Place Pins Web

Place Pins have a specific location connected to them. Now, you can add a place name to your Pin and get the address and other details. Place boards highlight all your Pins on a map. 

Note: the locations for Place Pins are provided by Foursquare, but there isn’t a “check-in” feature on Pinterest.


Create a place board

  1. New board: Click Create a board from your profile. Fill out the information just like a regular board, but make sure to toggle the “Add a map?” setting to Yes.
  2. Existing board: Click Edit on the board you’d like to turn into a place board. Toggle the “Add a map?” setting to Yes

Note: only the owners of a board can turn the board into a place board.


Turn off place boards

  1. Click Edit on the board where you want to remove the map.
  2. Toggle the “Add a map?” setting to No.


Add Place Pins

  1. Click on a Pin that you'd like to add to a place board 
  2. Choose board, click Pin it
  3. Go to the board
  4. Click on the plus icon on the Pin
  5. Type in the name of the place and the location
  6. The name and location will be saved to the Pin

If you can't find a location through search, choose "Search around the world" or specify the city by clicking on "Change City".  

Note: we’ve partnered with some businesses to automatically include location info on their Pins.  For example, Pins from AirbnbAtlas, JetsetterOpenTableRoadtrippersStreetEasyTruliaUrbanSpoon, and VirtualTourist will have locations attached to their Pinterest content.


Edit location on Place Pins

  1. Click the Pencil icon and choose Remove Place 
  2. Refresh your browser, and the Pin will no longer appear on the map
  3. Then, add a place to your Pin again 

Foursquare provides locations for Place Pins, and we know that some places don’t exist yet. If you can’t find a location for your Pin, [add it to Foursquare]( and then you’ll find it on Pinterest. We're working closely with the Foursquare team to add more locations to the map. If you notice that the location already exists in Foursquare, you can request to [edit the location]( 


Learn more about your Place Pins

  1. Click on your place board
  2. Click on the white map marklet to see more information on the Place Pin (e.g. address, contact information)
  3. Click Learn more

Note: this will open a new tab in your browser that directs you to the website for more information about that Place Pin 

Use Place Pins on your mobile device 

Yes! Learn all about Place Pins for your iPhone or for your Android Device


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