Related Pins

What's a related Pin?

You may notice a few Pins in your home feed that have the “Related Pin” label.  




The related Pins that we pick for you are based on other things you already like or are interested in, including:

  • Pins you've added, liked or clicked on

  • Boards you follow

  • Sites you may have visited recently. (Learn more about how we use sites you visit to personalize your experience, and how you can turn this off you're not interested.)


How do you control which related Pins you see in your feed?

 You can influence which types of related Pins we show you by rating any individual related Pin in your feed.



Just click the info (i) icon give it a thumbs up or thumbs down:

  • If you vote thumbs up, we'll keep on showing you that type of related Pin.

  • If you vote thumbs down, we'll remove that Pin from your feed. We'll also try to make sure that the related Pins we show you in the future aren't about the same stuff, or from the same source.

And if you have any ideas about how we can improve the related Pin feature, we'd love to hear them!


What's the difference between a related Pin and promoted Pin?

You’ll only ever see related Pins when we have a hunch you might like them, not because other businesses or third parties ask us to to promote them.

We did recently announce we're experimenting with allowing businesses to promote Pins on Pinterest, but this doesn't have anything to do with related Pins. (To learn more about our plans for promoted Pins, check out "Planning for the future" on our blog.) 

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