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Add a comment

Edit or delete a comment

Trouble commenting?


Add a comment

  1. Click on the Pin to view its full size
  2. Add a comment in the box below the Pin
  3. Click Comment

Note: If a Pin already has a comment, you can add a comment to it from the feed view. If it doesn't have a comment already, you'll need to comment from the full sized Pin. 




Edit or delete a comment

If you need to edit a comment you made, you'll have to delete it and comment again:

  1. Click on the Pin to view its full size
  2. Hover over the X to the right of the comment and click Delete Comment and then confirm
Note: You can also delete other Pinners' comments on your own Pins. Just follow the steps above. 




Trouble commenting?

If you can't comment on Pins, you might need to confirm your email address. To help prevent spam, we don't allow accounts with unconfirmed email addresses to comment. To confirm your address:

  1. Check your email inbox (and spam folder!) for an confirmation request from Pinterest
  2. Click Confirm Email in the notification
  3. If you don't have that email, resend it by clicking Resend the email in the note at the top of your home feed


Using a phone or tablet? Learn how to delete comments from the iPad, iPhone, and Android app.


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