Add Pins to a category like "DIY & Crafts"

Add Pins to a category

Why can't I see prices on my Pins any longer?


Add Pins to a category

Categories automatically update with new Pins. We have systems in place to make sure that the right Pins show up in the right categories. For example, when you explore the Illustrations & Posters category, you shouldn't see furniture Pins. We also try to filter out spam. 

Your Pins might not show up in the category feeds (or the Everything feed) because our community adds Pins at such a fast rate. But following these best practices may help your Pin appear in a category:

  1. Pin things you really love: Be authentic, credit your sources, build up your boards and Pin great stuff. Remember that finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as an image search or a blog entry. 
  2. Create homogenous boards: If you want Pins from your recipes board to show up in the Food & Drink category, make sure the Pins on your board relate to that category. Our systems will have a hard time believing your board is about food when you’ve added motorcycles there too.
  3. Categorize your boards: Pick a category that best describes the Pins on your board. You can always edit it later.


Why can't I see prices on my Pins any longer?

In order to make sure you're looking at the most up-to-date price, we now only add prices to websites that have Pins with more information


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