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The basics of searching

As you type, suggested search terms will appear below the search bar. Here are the types of things you might see if you start searching for “bacon”:

  • Search suggestions like “bacon recipes” or “bacon oven”

  • Facebook friends and other Pinners you follow that have Bacon in their name

  • Any of your boards that have “bacon” in the title

  • Pins with the word “bacon” in the description
  • You can also click the options under the Recipes menu to narrow your search



Narrow your search results

Once you've searched for something, you can toggle between types of results by clicking the Pins, Boards, and Pinners buttons in the top left-hand corner. You can filter your search results to only see your own Pins by clicking Just my Pins in the top left-hand corner or if you're searching for "Paris destinations" you can click on Boards, then Place Boards to view boards with maps.  

You can also search ingredients like “bacon” and click the All recipes button on the web, not the app, to discover recipe Pins. You can narrow your search results by diet (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, indulge me).  

We defined the diet types on recipe Pins by the listed ingredients. Learn more about diet types. If you have recipes on your website and you’d like them to show up in recipe search, you can apply for Rich Pins.


Search Tips

When searching through your own Pins, keep in mind:

  • Searches are based on the descriptions of Pins, so make sure to add descriptions to your Pins with keywords that you'll remember
  • Results include anything public you have Pinned, including your Pins on other people’s group boards
  • Results don't include secret Pins or anything on a group board that you did not Pin

Note: Although we are working hard to get your new Pins indexed as quickly as we can, keep in mind that there will be up to a couple of days delay before your new Pins can be searched.


View your recent searches

Your recent searches appear when you click in the search bar. These recent searches can be cleared individually when they appear below the search bar. On iOS devices you can clear them by side swiping over them. If you’re on the web or an Android device you can do this by clicking on the X next to the term. You can also clear all your recent searches in your settings pages. 

Then your recent search terms are synchronized across the web and your mobile devices, so you can access those terms anywhere.

Note: At this time, search autocomplete is only available for English speakers.

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